Power, Performance, Reliability

Powatech batteries for golf

At Powatech we only offer the very best batteries at the keenest of prices.  Our bright, sleek design is complimented by a well thought out and well engineered connection system.  

Our batteries are light, reliable and designed for the job.  If you haven't tried a lithium battery on your golf trolley yet, the Powatech battery will amaze and delight you in equal measure.



Powatech golf batteries use only the very best lithium technology LiFePO4.

These batteries will last longer than standard lithium batteries and are fundamentally safer.



Powatech golf batteries come with jaws to take a T-Bar fitting and also have screw terminals to allow a substantial connection for wires.

Tyres and balancing


Powatech golf batteries come with a full 3 year warranty so you have complete peace of mind.

The warranty is handled in the UK by Golfstream Limited


Powatech batteries are part of the Golfstream Group

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