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The Best Lithium Batteries for OSET Trials Bikes

Now Available for sale - Fully UK tested on real bikes by real riders here in the UK

Electric Trials bike Batteries to suit OSET Trials Bikes - Distributed by Golfstream Limited in the UK - with FREE Delivery to mainland UK

We have made thousands of batteries for the demanding golf business for years.  Now, we are launching 3 sizes of lithium upgrade sets for OSET trials bikes.

They offer incredible performance, competitive price and market leading capacity and warranty.  All batteries have a fuel gauge and temperature indicator as well as a purpose made bag and charger plus a spare Anderson connector.  See the reviews at the base of this page.

All batteries have a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) to manage the charging and discharging of your battery.  This ensures no over charging, perfect cell balancing and gives maximum life.

Made in a professional factory with A grade cells and robust testing, you can't buy a better battery for your Trials bike.  They will give you more power and more ride time than any other OSET type batteries.

Click on images below for more details on each type.


Hector from East Kent   "PowaTech is now my preferred battery, extra speed and huge run times" 

Kasia from West Midlands 

"I love the new battery, it makes the bike feel more powerful, and lasts way longer than the old one"

Quote given to one of our distributors on FB

These batteries are awesome, been testing one for a few months now on MK Off Road team rider Kasia Pekala-Dayment's 24 Oset and the results are amazing.

A full adult trial of 15 sections with three laps not a prob , with as much as 60% left at the end of the trial youth trials even better.

The power curve on them is astonishing no loss of power at any point.

Weight is better (lighter than standard) and fitment spot on.

Indicator on battery let's you know the exact state of the battery at any given time.

Pricey, well maybe but what you get is an extremely capable product.

In my opinion don't waste your money on the rest get the best.

Nice one Andy great product.


Our friends at MK Offraod are now offering brand new Oset bikes complete with Powatech lithium batteries to give you the ultimate trials package.

Check them out at www.mkoffroad.co.uk